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allooooo.. I am Ishmael Bull. An easy going Sierra Leonean. A returnee from the UK, with a Multimedia Solutions start up called Inkeemedia. I am a Creative Professional ​​with awesome innovation skills helping companies, businesses and institutions with complete branding tool kits ( including website solutions, design, illustration, multimedia, logos - basically anything related to digital art. I came back home to help broaden the digital horizon in Sierra Leone.

Work experience in Sierra Leone:

Africell - Head of Communication & Media (3yrs)

Sierra WiFi - Managing Director (4yrs)

My experience cuts across a lot of platforms.. some of which are series of media production such as live TV/Radio game shows, integration of GSM interconnectivity with digital platforms, apps and the overall Internet of Things (IOT).

Try me  🙋🏿‍♂️

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